Cantina Antinori Winery, a unique design

Located in the unique chianti landscape halfway between the scenic Florence and Siena amongst the vast fields of vineyards, the ‘cantina antinori’ winery by Italian practice Archea Associati explores the relationship between man, a product, the site, and the process of manufacture in their most essential forms.The winemaker has a very special, if not spiritual connection to the land on which his vineyards grow; there is a constant struggle to maintain quality as well as a large economical commitment to produce the best quality grape. As a result, the winery is set into the contours of the land as two horizontal cuts made from large planes of concrete, framing views and paying homage to the site and covered with a vineyard.

Two atria in the plains allow views as well, and bring light into all areas of the construction. The offices are located underground, above the wine cellar of undulating masonry walls and terracotta vaults that help maintain the ideal interior temperature for fermentation. The grapes make a journey from the top level where they are taken into the structure down the manufacturing process until reaching the barrels. Visitors on the other hand begin at the barrels at the same level as the parking, and make their way up to crescendo at a panoramic space featuring a restaurant, auditorium, museum, library, wine tasting areas and a shop. Circular holes cut into the canopy illuminate the caretaker’s dwelling and guest house, creating a recognizable language in the project.

Photo: Pietro Savorelli, Archea Associati

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