Authentically made in Tuscany

If it is to be considered the truth that Ferragamo is a Tuscan brand that ranges among the most representative ones along with ‘Italian style’ worldwide, it is also just as true that there are plenty of other industrial realities throughout various districts of Tuscany and they are equally in perfect shape and have an excellent reputation. It is upon these that we want to focus strategically here. From Ceramics to Fur-manufacturing, from Jewellery to Fashion and handwork production of Precious stones. From Nutritional produces to high-level Mechanics, Interiour Design and Luxury Yachts, all of which are merchandising fields where Tuscany holds the uncontrasted leadership.

Tuscany, the Art of Excellence

Times are ripe, there’s that knowledge that it’s from the territory that the know-how and that typical flavour originate and which always reflects the identity of a society and who grows its roots into the soil of Latin Inheritage that translates from “aver sapore”, Tuscany is a unique area throughout the world where there is production excellence within a variety of merchandising sectors that coexist and by doing so they share the philosophy that combines aethetics with ethics, likewise operating towards a sustainable progress that in arms of beauty fights the sullen commercial rules of globalization.

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Discover the real made in Tuscany