Made in Tuscany presents “Vinosa”, a suit jacket natural dyed with wine extract and tannins of Tuscan grapes.

A garment that will become a “must have” for the growing new green generation which is not only attentive to fashion details but more and more focused on the eco-friendly concept as a guarantee of quality product.

For this reason we have combined the long experience and the tailoring skill of the stylist Antonio Onorati to the undisputed prestige of Chianti wine in the precious distillate of vinasse (the grapes skins contained in the wine press and the residue remaining after the pressing of the grapes).

The Antonio Onorati experience, the Chianti wine together with the cooperation of Banelli Dying allow us the creation of such remarkable item of clothing, full of importance and values.

The Vinosa jacket has a model for men and another for women, has a refined Vintage tinge due to the “garment dyeing” and is on sale on the e-shop of our Web portal with a coherent perspective to our 100% ecofriendly vision of Made in Tuscany.


Thanks to:
Dyeing / Daniele Banelli & Alessandro Alpini
Designer / Antonio Onorati
Photographer / Marco Bucco
Models / Cristina Rotellini, Marco Bacci

vinosa-woman-collection vinosa-man-jacket