Evantra meets Pontedera

Made in Tuscany is proud to invite you at the event “Evantra incontra Pontedera” (Evantra meets Pontedera) that will takes place in Pontedera, piazza Curtatone e Montanara on 13th September 2013 at 21.15, a chance strongly supported by Simone Millozzi (major of Pontedera) and Luca Mazzanti, for all the people that will be there to see the Mazzanti Evantra n° 00 : the car of the world premiere in Monaco last April.
The Fondazione Teatro di Pontedera will open the event with their show “Lisboa”, the official show of the World Cycling Championship 2013.
The press conference will takes place on 9th September at 12.00 in Corso Matteotti 37, Pontedera (Pisa).
Made in Tuscany partner of the event.
See you there!