PASTA TOSCANA, Castiglion Fiorentino

The Tuscan authenticity in a plate of pasta, there is nothing simpler to express an explosion of taste, flavor and sensations. Pasta Toscana Classic is a product of quality thanks to the selection of high quality durum wheat farmed in our land and to the experience of the master pasta makers who draw it through bronze. An organic pasta that respects nature and its environment, Pasta Toscana Organic is produced with the best organic durum wheat grown in Tuscany according to an ancient farming memory when everything followed the rhythm of nature without using pesticides or chemical fertilizers. A conscious choice that consents us to fully taste the authenticity and naturalness that is a part of us. Whole Wheat Pasta Toscana with Omega 3 is preferred by those who make of their own and of others’ well being a way of living.