Flour and eggs strictly from a stone’s throw, a boundless passion handed down from the father, patience and respect of the producing time . These are the ingredients that Chiara Guarducci puts into her home made biscuits which in a year tantalized the palate of so many “Pistoiesi”. We are facing another excellent craftsmanship from Pistoia. Opening the white door of “Biscottificio Guarducci” you find yourself in a small and cosy place where time stands still. On a side of the sweets display case, all based on the Tuscanian tradition rivisited by the culinary imagination of Chiara, there is a small corner with a nineteenth-century style iron table and chairs and, opposite them, in the shelf with her sweet creations, there are tin boxes reminiscent of times when the cookies were almost a luxury in the house unless there was someone who knew how to make them. Someone like Renzo Guarducci, for forty years director of the central pastry “Mattei” of Prato, and above all, father of Chiara, who grew among the smell and taste of his work.