DEI, Montepulciano

Back in 1964, Alibrando Dei, a wine-growing enthusiast, recognised in the area of Bossona,splendid for its exposure and pedological characteristics, lands predestined to produce great red wines,and promptly purchased them and planted the first vineyards. Later, during the course of the 70s, the family acquired the Martiena property with the attached manor – restored in the 1930s by the architect Piacentini -surrounded by a vast age-old garden and situated at the foot of the village of Montepulciano. In the first years, the grapes that were produced were sold. However, considering the quality of the grapes picked, the family soon decided to embark upon the path of their own wine-making tradition and in 1985 -an exceptional vintage year -they decided to produce the first bottle of Vino Nobile di Montepulciano Dei, renting an old winery in the historic town centre. In 1989,the family built its own winery, beside Villa Martiena, in the heart of the vineyards.