TUSCANY LUXURY, Castellina Marittima

The excellence of Tuscany is the identity that can break the mold, but Tuscany luxury is the belief that an idea, in order to make its way in the word, must be innovative and exiting. De Re was born with this purpose: different from tradition. Its main goal is to make people talked about itself to fascinate, to enchante, to exite. It’s a wine that knows its duty and doesn’t pay attention to the label but has its label that fits him well, that represents a mix of mind and heart. Is a Tuscany wine, a super toscano strong, stupbborn, with an elegant and open soul. Born after a two years long embrace between the best selections of Merlot and Cabernet franc both coming from Castellina Marittima’s hills. It hasn’t been easy to keep it in a oak barrel for one years and for another year in a bottle too! We have a big hearth…Our sins are our youth…and the fact that we like things on our way.