I an old farmhouse from 1850, in the heart of the Colline Pisane, the “hills of Pisa”, you´ll find our small family-business Podere Spazzavento, where we produce wine and oil since 2002. We means: the brothers Alessandro and Fabio Piceni Belli, her mother Luisa, her grandmother Elena, his grandfather Ireneo and Alessandros wife Kerstin with the boys Paolo and Filippo. Our Podere Spazzavento is situated on a hill, not far from Ponsacco in direction Casciana Terme, surrounded by 15 hectars of land, hereunder wineyards (8,5 ha), olives, meadows and fields. Our whole production is organic. All activities here at Spazzavento, from the work on the fields, to the work in the winecellar and the commerce, are done by ourselves, this means we run a real family business and are able to guarantee for the quality of our products.