MOA BEER, San Piero a Ponti

Like any top-quality craft beers, MOA beer is not pasteurized and bottle conditioned. This enhances
the flavor of its ingredients, selected and balanced with care. 11 plato is a whe at beer in Blanche style with a typical hazy pale yellow color. Its fragrance is fresh and spicy with the addition of coriander and orange peel, as the recipe required for over 400 years. An aromatic light beer, perfect as an aperitif. Inspired by the American Pale Ale, 12plato is a beer made with pale malts and a blend of four hops. The color is brilliant gold, the bouquet has notes of caramel and white fruits and citrus, which balance well with the bitterness of the hops. The result is a cold, refreshing and drinkable beer. Inspired by the Irish Stout, 14plato is the result of a mix of 8 malts, hop and cocoa. The beer appears black, with a dense and persistent head. The bouquet is rich, with hints of coffee, cocoa and caramel; its taste is pleasantly smooth. Good with chocolate and chocolate sweets.