LaStriscia is a winery that has its very deep origins in the Renaissance(as proved by the Villa) and nowadays is owned by the famous actress Ilaria Occhini: is sited in the heart of Tuscany, formerly famous for the high quality and the great elegance of the wines; since the foundation of the modern winery in 2001, we have choosen to produce organic wines since the beginning and we ever concern for enviroment. We love Sangiovese grape, that in our estate grows up splendidly thanks to the “galestro” soil: we own the extraordinary cru “Fontasciutta”(very old vineyard), from which the Sangiovese wine “Occhini” born.
In addition, we are very proud of cru “Bagnoro”, where Merlot grape wonderfully grows and from which “Lastriscia” label takes its origin.