IL BORRO, San Giustino

The great project of rebirth and renovation, started and carried forward by Mr Ferruccio Ferragamo and members of his family, in particular his son Salvatore, led to a new resplendence of this marvellous Estate, enabling a new adventure in the field of hospitality to begin. Initially intended to offer a type of “luxury farm holiday”. Il Borro has over the years, and thanks to the passion of its owners, been continually reinvented and updated, with an increase in quality and choice. Today, the entire company is once again taking a big leap forward, becoming part of an important association like Relais & Chataux. Il Borro Relais offers different types of accommodation, from luxury villas to suites inside the Medieval Village. The reconstruction has been carried out with complete respect for the origins and history of the Village and Estate, simultaneously combining comfort with design.
 Everything has been splendidly furnished with local furniture and locally-crafted products.