If it is true, as the philosopher Aristotle once said, that “Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work”, then Bibi Graetz is evidence of one who, believing frmly in a project, manages with passion and determination, to make it somenthing concrete. Growing up between canvases and brushes, Bibi Graetz has translated his innate quest for beauty, and thus perfection, into the art of making wine; with the dream of producing excellent wine on his own land. In the year 2000, after a journey as an artist which included receiving a diploma at the Academy of Fine Arts, Bibi Graetz decided to devote his life to wine. His eponymous vineyard, located in Fiesole, produces wine amongst the world’s oldest vineyards and is imbued with as much culture and history, as innovation and creativity. Bibi Graetz has his own very contemporary way of living the viticulture, which distinguishes him from other winemakers that, like him, aim for the highest quality.