A video interview with TULIO MARCELLI, Owner La Torre & President of Coldiretti Toscana

“Tuscany is the birth place of some of the most important and best-beloved wines of the world. Tuscany produces a superior quality extra virgin olive oil which is to be find in all Italian tables and far beyond national borders. The word “Chianti” is synonymous with excellence and is the Italian most sought -after, therefore known word in the world wide web. The quality of Tuscany wine and oil, as well as of other agricultural products, is closely related to the morphology of the soil and ideal climatic conditions that make it possible to obtain unique products. Moreover, they are the result of an ancient knowledge and a daily commitment with all respect for a land that always talks about those who workship it . This is why the Tuscan landscapes often conquer people’s hearth. A great culture that is handed down from generation to generation. A culture which makes no compromises whatsoever, especially in this historical context, in which we are fighting a fierce battle against dangerous “Tuscany Sounding” actions meant to enter the market with counterfeit products by unscrupulous persons to whom our health and that of our children don’t matter. Our family and our company share the cult of the genuine product and always will. We can say it, we are genuinely “Made in Tuscany” and we are waiting for you with open arms!”

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