Video interview with Italo Fontana, U-BOAT watches

Who is Italo Fontana
Italo Fontana, looking through his grandfather Ilvo Fontana’s old papers found the sheaf of documents regarding a project for the manufacture of watches specially designed for navy forces. Starting in 2000, for seven years he patiently worked on a completely new look for watches, based on hand-crafted pieces, characterized by their strong identity, easy to read in all weather conditions and boasting unique, bold and distinctive design and characteristics. All U-BOAT watches can be distinguished by the large crown on the left of the watch, and many of them by their technical specifications, which make it possible for them to be resistant under the most extreme conditions. They can be read immediately, and they are not contaminated by horoscopes or lunar phases. Their strength lies in their soul: you can see that Italo designed all of them himself; they have an identity and a powerful image, and they can be recognized from a distance.

The constant features that encompass all the U-BOAT collections are their quality, the selection of materials and the craftsmanship, and then, of course, the “Made in Tuscany” factor. All U-BOAT creations, though they may be from different collections such as Classico, Flightdeck, or Thousands of Feet, are also distinguished by a retro look, which goes hand in hand with the uniqueness of their design.

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