SARA RABA’, Piombino

Sara Rabà lab”, based in Tuscany (Italy), is located in that small and unique market that represents the real “Made in Italy”. We create, realize and produce handcraft clothing, through a collaboration with those extraordinary artisan laboratories in Tuscany, which still survive today, thanks to their ability, in a fashion system now based on a low-cost production abroad.
The materials we use are 100% natural, manufactured using traditional artisan techniques and exclusively made in Italy. All our creations are born from our daily need to express an emotion, a feeling or a sensation and to describe it with simplicity. It’s often the materials and all the natural products that help create the emotion and, therefore, inspiration: that’s why, for us, the material is fundamental. There is no distinction between material for clothing, for tapestry or for the house: they’re all wonderful materials to create with!